Hello world!

I grew up a reform Jew in Manhattan (94th & CPW) during the 70s & 80s with an artistic genetic brand running through my household. My mother a previous ballerina with the NYC Ballet company, worked with Balanchine and Fosse. My brother followed his MFA in Theater and has directed stage pieces from Shakespeare to Kafka. As for me, I was accepted into School of Visual Arts, but went the business route instead. I sold my artwork on the streets of Greenwich Village while in HS during the hot city summers. I studied fine arts one on one with one of the best private tutors Hunter College could offer at the time, Arthur Stein. I went to work for Donald Trump in 1983 and experienced the world of glitz inside NYC real estate. After three marriages and one son, who was conceived through a mix of confused marital bonds with his father who is from Jordan. With much regret and adversity, I am blessed to have a handsome and brilliant son who beautifully completed his Bar Mitzvah in 2013 to his father’s chagrin.

I have always throughout all my privileged and adverse years found my solace in cooking and baking. I guess you can say I turned my kitchen into my long forgotten and missed canvas. Being married to my beshert (soul mate) from Israel we live a humble kosher life where I stretch the noodle so to speak by created and reinventing dishes from scratch. All to which brings much applauds and personal satisfaction. As my social network continues to grow through appreciation of my food, this blog shall serve the purposes for that medium and more.

I will share recipes as I continue to fullfill my dream of writing and finishing my cookbook “Breaking Bread In the Biblical Lands” (Sharing authentic cuisine recipes that span from the Middle East to Israel and European Jews” How food unites us all as one in a land of disparity and dreams of peace.

Most recently I will share my new connection with Vegan-ism due to my connection and deep love for animals. As I educate myself if more of what is happening in the world around us through my devotion to food, it is difficult for me to ignore how we are mistreating our live cattle and others. For me it is not the question of which G-d has created animals for us to eat, but the question begins with how just and humane (kosher) do we treat them. Even kosher processes become largely questioned when it comes to mass production. Dairy products and how unfairly the mother and calf are separated for our own mass consumption. Hence, I choose other methods that keep me kosher and humane while not sacrificing in flavor or gourmet outcome.

So join me on my journey through Kosher/Halal and Veganism/Vegetarian means of enjoying the best of what I can give you from the heart of my kitchen canvas!

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